I want to share without holding back

Are you interested in how I faced this hell of a ride into becoming one with myself and realizing my enlightenment? Click on the button below and learn more about my book!

What others say

This page is created without my contribution. After getting in touch with my energy, book and services, people wrote and shared their experiences with you. So if you are serious about working with me, you should check this page out.

Free Material

As you may ask, where do I start? I can say on this page, I created a lot of free material and I am sure you can find something that serves you at this moment. Feel into this first, so you can get to know me a bit 🙂

Online Video Courses

Are you looking for an online class where you can become more conscious of yourself and in the mean time move beyond the internal struggles and into the new self-realized you? I have made multiple online video courses on different areas in life so check them out if you resonate or feel like it.

Year program

In this year long program I will set the safe space and I will be at service where ever I can so you can walk into your enlightenment / self-realization. Check it out if you feel like.

Live Events

I will be traveling around the world in 2018 and in this year I will offer 6 different live events. Every month will be a new topic and every month will be an opportunity to come over and have some fun on the live event. Check it out if you feel this is for you.

Personal session

I am more than happy to share my energy and consciousness with you and to get to know your situation intimately. Being at service and being a crystal clear mirror for you is what I can offer you. Want to learn more how I can help you out?

Who am I?

Who am I? Yes, this was a tough question for me a big part of my live. Who am I and what am I doing on Earth? What do I need to do in this crazy world?

Interview & other media appearance

Are you looking for an amazing story or a special message for your media appearance or interview? I am your guy! Click to learn more and to get in touch!

Art gallery from the book

These paintings are created specifically for ‘The Journey of an Ascended Master named Kiora Amo’. Each painting has its own story and energy dynamics. If you are in love with one of the paintings you can check if it is for sale by clicking on the button “details”. If it is for sale and you want it, get in touch through the contact form.

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